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Since 1931, during the Governance of Japanese, our corporation was founded by investing of the petroleum company of Japan. Our government was to take over the management of the operation in 1949. The waterworks of government of Hsinchu county was founded in 1958, and holding more than the job of our operation, which is only providing the business area with “Natural Gas” in Hsinchu.   About Us

The Taiwan Water Supply Corporation was formally founded on January 1,1974. Incorporation of the waterworks of Taiwan Province into the system was under-taken. The government of Hsinchu County, which is operating in gas business, formally founded the Hsinchu County Gas Administration. Due to the gas is sanitary, economical, convenient, there are high utility rate be used by the common people, providing the business area with “Natural Gas” was extend to Jhubei City, Sinpu Township, Guansi Township, Sinfong Township, Hukou Township. Hsinchu County Gas Administration was reorganized into Hsinchu Gas Company Limited. in January 1,2012.
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